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Screw Extractor Range Set No 1 No 5

This is a quality and professional screw removing tool set, with 5 pcs. High-Speed Left-Hand cobalt drill bits are designed for heavy duty drilling applications an hardened bolts & studs.

Bits are manufactured with a high degree of hardness & heat resistance.

A screw extractor is similar to a screw, but with a tapered, reversed thread.

Features and Benefits:

l Designed to remove broken studs, bolts socket screw and fittings.

l Aggressive left hand spiral design for extra gripping power.

l Spiral flutes are designed to embed themselves deeper into the metal as you turn the tool, so as the fastener

     resistance increases, the extractor’s grip increases.

l  Extractor size and recommended drill bits size are Etched on each tool.

l You can use on stainless steel or other material.

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Product Code Size/Description Additional Details Pack Qty Price Delivery Period Total Qty Total Cost
8621028SM203015 M 4 To M20/
For Bolt Dia M 4-4.5 & Inch5/32-3/16 To M 14-20 & Inch9/16-3/4 Pilot drill Size M2 - 5/64" To M7.5 ..
Range Kit includes 5 Extractors and 5 Drills 1 Pack = 1 Rs. 18,880.00 Rs. 12,272.00 Delivery within 4-5 working days Enter Quantity:

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