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About our success story

Busy and competitive scenario of today's commercial world has constrained the time factor and has increased the value of grips. Taking this factor into consideration, Pee Vee Enterprises introduces industrial fasteners solution that genuinely made-to-measure.

We are glad to introduce ourselves, Pee Vee Enterprises, as one of the wholesale traders and manufacturing organisation involved in supply and production of wide range of high quality industrial fasteners products since 1979.

Pee Vee Enterprises faces a wide range of challenges that drives company's quality and logistic field. Dealing with these challenges company continues to expand its expertise over 30 years. Business connections have been set up with satisfied customers that continue to enjoy the benefits of this relationship.

Customer Focus 

We drive maximum autonomy closest to the market, focus on satisfying the real needs of our customers. We understand their problem and solve them.


Our uniqueness stems from transforming commodities into customized services by thinking and acting along the entire value added chain. For the comprehensive service, we request an adequate premium. Therefore, Pee Vee Enterprises will never be cheap but shall always provide the best quality.


All our stakeholders can depend on us that we do what we agree to. Our total commitment to quality and continuous improvement provides for the economy, comfort and security of our customers.


Our core strength is our people, we endeavor to create the "winning team": driven by our core values, thriving in a climate for action, with ample capabilities for success, and above all an overwhelming commitment for results.


Treat the equal as equal and the unequal as unequal.


We encourage creativity and innovation.


We do what we feel right to do, even the unconventional.


We want to have ample "water under the keel" to move freely and securely even in troubled waters.

PV Enterprises

P.V. Enterprises has strict quality control products and has earned good reputation by offering best service, quantity and delivery on time. P.V. stands for Passion with Vision.

Main Products

Helicoil Thread Repairing Products, POP Brand Guns and Rivets, Socket Head Products, Hex Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Taptite Screws, Machine Screws, Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Woods Screws, Tapping Screws, Chipboard Screws, Rivets, Pins, Keys, and many others industrial fasteners made of carbon steel ,alloy & stainless Steel, and Nonferrous materials. For finishing, we provide: Black oxide, Zinc electroplating, Copper Plating, Mechanical Galvanization, Bichromate, Phosphate, Dacromet and Others. Our products are conformity with DIN, ANSI, AS,BS,MA,MS, JIS,GB,ISO or any other standard or non-standard specifications or against customers special requirements, in grades 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9,12.9, A2-50, A2-70, and A4-70. We have the capacity to get any product from any corner of the world, since we have good connections.


We are interested in supplying only quality with best possible service while maintaing economical costing and high quality of goods. We make sure you have an experience that stays with you forever.


Always to seek better performance. Not worrying about the Future!

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